Design of Bolted Joints. Bolted Joint design is often Critical. Bolt Fatigue and vibration.

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Design of Bolted Joints - Links to information, and calculation tools.

Bolted Joint Design.

The primary purpose of this page is to provide calculation tools so that technical designers can be sure that joints relying on threaded fasteners remain within the performance envelope of the materials involved regardless of the environment. Put simply, calculation tools showing if the joint will remain tight under all temperature conditions WITHOUT causing the materials in the joint to exceed their yield values.

Before discussing the calculation tools further, here are a number of links that cover how bolted joints work and their common failure modes.

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Link 2.
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The calculation tool.

Before using the calculation tool, please review the instructions below to understand what it does, and what values the user must enter to get answers.

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Sorry but the calculation tool is still being written.

We hope you find it a useful tool, and please use the 'Feedback' page in Section E to let us know your opinions or suggested improvements. There is a link at the bottom of the page.