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About Our Autocad Tutorials

3D design methods will replace 2D methods in the same way that CAD systems replaced drawing boards. The only question is when, not if, it will happen. This website gives people the opportunity to make the transition to a professional level of Autocad 3D design competence as quickly and easily as possible.

Our training started out to meet our own internal demand because established 3D training was inadequate. It was inadequate because it stopped at 3D Geometry only. It meant the 3D design process and project management issues were getting ignored.

The geometry used in our 3D Autocad training does not make a recognizable object, but the shapes would appear in any industry, so it is applicable to anyone who uses Autocad. You will not have any difficulty in following the 3D Autocad instructions and explanations.

What People Think About Our Autocad 3D design course.

The following remarks come from feedback we have received about our 3D CAD tutorials, and represent typical responses.

"The quality of the tuition I cannot fault. It is excellent." - A E C Williamson. (Rutland Handling Ltd.)

"I didn't follow your Autocad training initially, but kept it aside as I was into other AutoCAD practise then. But, two weeks ago I went through it and WAO!!!!!, it is the easiest, most comprehensive end user application I have ever met." - Evans Osarhiemwen

"I am able to follow the instructions very easily indeed. It certainly is written and laid out so that people can easily understand 3D CAD design. Potentially a major contributor in the feild of teaching 3D CAD." - Gordon Purdue. (Freelance Contractor, Building Services sector.)

Our thanks go to the people above for their comments and opinions. If you would like us to publish your comments and opinions, just use our Feedback Page in Section E of the website to let us know what you think.

To do this free online 3D design training, you will need access to a computer with a copy of Autocad or Autocad LT correctly installed on it. Current software releases as well as previous versions back to R11 and LT2 are all suitable. Simply print all 47 tasks of the 3D training section - Section D - and work through it.

(If you are willing to pay a small fee - about the price of a large cola drink - the 47 tasks can be downloaded for printing as a single document. It helps us cover the admin costs associated with running this website. Feel free to pay a little more if you are feeling generous, and many thanks if you do. The single document download can be obtained by clicking this link and then following the instructions.

In the unlikely event that you need support while learning 3D online, or want to report any problems with the website, just send an email message with your questions and remarks as advised at the very bottom of most pages.

The key to success with our website is to read all of it. As well as the free training tasks, there is information about how to use 3D techniques properly so the period of feeling inexperienced can be minimized. (In other words, how to reduce the learning time for proper 3D methods to a minimum.) As for the 3D free tutorials in section D, follow the 3D Autocad instructions carefully and set aside about 16 to 20 hours to complete this online 3D design training. Any trepidation you have about ease of learning 3D online will be gone, and by completing this online 3D design course you will have had a significant amount of free Autocad training about how to create and handle Autocad 3D components. Working through the free Autocad training is the only way to test the quality of the 3D design course we provide. The style and clarity of this 3D Autocad instruction is continued in our 'Advanced' 3D design course, so if you are happy with the 3D Autocad instructions on the website, the Advanced course is equally easy. Most people need only 2 days to complete the initial 47 task 3D CAD course to become experienced 3D users. The advanced Autocad training is also free, but not essential.

No other training provider in the world understands how to apply 3D techniques the way we do. After all, we are a 3D Design Engineering company. 3D design for our client base is still our primary activity and our course, "Fundamental 3D Design With Autocad And Autocad LT - The Step By Step Tutorials," presents the 3D CAD training with clear milestones that coincide with those encountered with "live" 3D design projects. You will not find any over elaborate (hence inefficient) exercises to create 'publicity' type images; only a concise set of exercises that divulge how to make the transition to genuine 3D design techniques.

Best of luck with learning 3D design methods with Autocad, and we hope this website is helpful to you. Please don't hesitate to contact us using the feedback page in Section E if you have any questions.

About Our Online Autocad Tutorials Website

The site is presented in a number of sections A to J. Sections B, C, D and G make up the majority of the site, and it is these sections that novices to 3D design should follow in sequence.

Section B explains the two main areas that need to be covered when learning 3D Design - firstly '3D CAD geometry' and secondly the '3D design process' - and goes on to explain in clearly presented terms why 3D design methods open up such powerful benefits.

Sections C and D give you the full 47 task 3D CAD course. Section C instructs how to use the tuition, while Section D comprises all 47 free 3D CAD tutorials tasks. Although the stages are easy, each has to be done in sequence, so there are no shortcuts to learning 3D design. The text in these two sections must be read carefully because the tasks flow with each other showing how a live design would evolve. In addition to Sections C and D, 'Advanced' training will also be available soon in Section F.

Experienced 3D Users.

People who have experienced Autocad 3D in some capacity before might feel the training is too basic. Find out exactly what the training covers by clicking here to view the table of contents for our full 3D Autocad training course..

About Us

3D CADCEA was founded nearly fifteen years ago to provide design and drafting services to companies which were already working with "Top End" 3D design techniques. As a result, we at 3D CADCEA have a wealth of 3D design experience on a whole range of software, including Autocad products, and it has all been gained at the sharp end of real 3D design projects. When 3D CADCEA was founded, it was only the largest companies that could afford to undertake design using 3D CAD products which - in those days - were at the cutting edge of 3D CAD software technology when the processing hardware was large and needed an air conditioned room of its own. It is from experience gained within this forward thinking environment that 3D CADCEA has grown, and is able to relay the level of 3D CAD tutorials on offer in our full 3D CAD courses. As the years pass and Autocad software becomes ever more competent, 3D design can take place anywhere that AutoCAD and LT are used. Furthermore, anyone can now learn correct 3D design methods cost effectively from our 3D Autocad website, so progressive and motivated individuals can now take responsibility for their own career development and career security. The website also gives details of how 3D projects should be managed for working towards concurrent design methods. Our primary activity continues to be 3D design on behalf of our client base, while 3D CAD tutorials are a sideline of 3D CADCEAs activity. Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and we very much hope you will send in your comments and views about the kind of 3D cad tutorials we should be offering, and your views about the training supplied by other establishments. Feel free to contact us with your remarks at any time by using our "Feedback" page.